About Us


Pastor: Father Arul Rajan Peter
Deacon: Larry Moneypenny
Director of Religious Education: Joyce Leach
Administrative Assistant: Caitlin Riley


Parish Council
The Parish Council is an advisory board to the Pastor in matters related to the spiritual life and growth of the Parish. The Council members are to bring to the attention of the Council any matter they feel should receive pastoral attention and any suggestion communicated to them by a member of the parish.

Father Arul Rajan Peter, Pastor
Larry Moneypenny, Deacon
Jeffrey Nelson, Trustee
AnnMarie Smith, Trustee

Bill Burdick, President
Mike Joia, Vice-President
Ivette Linares, Recording Secretary 

Cathryn Cooke
Bill Englert
Susan Jones
Kathy Kalapos
Maria Ruberto
Michael Wilson        

Finance Committee
The role of the Finance Council is to aid the Pastor in the administration of parish finances. In its advisory role, the Finance Council assists the pastor in the preparation of the annual budget, and the creation and communication of periodic financial reports .The Finance Council is to reflect the broad-based ideas of the parish community, and acts as a resource for the pastor.

Father Arul Rajan Peter, Pastor
Larry Moneypenny, Deacon
Jeffrey Nelson, Trustee
AnnMarie Smith, Trustee

Paul Kessler, President

Jeff Nelson
Rob McGinley

Parish Mission
To provide the resources and opportunities for all to expand their awareness, knowledge and relationship with God. To promote an atmosphere that will encourage spiritual growth and civic responsibility through service and the message of Jesus Christ as approved by the Vatican. To provide an environment that will encourage a deepening in our worship, prayer and praise.

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church is a parish family that fosters Catholic faith and love in action. Fr. Arul Rajan Peter is its pastor assisted by Deacon Larry Moneypenny. Our parish is committed to providing a spiritual family for all based on the faith of our Catholic values, traditions and beliefs.

St. Joseph's provides a variety of resources and activities for men, women and children of all ages to include:

Eucharistic Ministers
Altar Servers
Parish Council
Knights of Columbus
Religious Education
Legion of Mary
Altar Society
Respect Life

Our parish publishes a weekly bulletin which is available near each entrance/exit of the church building.  Further information related to the aforementioned resources and activities as well as news and upcoming events are available in the weekly bulletin.

We are a Catholic respect-life parish and our prayer is that you will come and celebrate with us.