First time parents are required to attend a Baptismal Preparation Session.  Baptism is administered by Fr. Peter every first Sunday of the month and Deacon Larry Moneypenny on the rest of the Sundays immediately following the 10:00am Mass.

Out-of-parish baptisms can only be performed with the permission of the parish Priest in which you belong. Since the child is being initiated into the Catholic Faith, it is expected that the parents (or the Catholic parent) practice their faith. If there is some doubt concerning this matter, Deacon Moneypenny or Fr. Peter will discuss this with the parents.

To qualify as a Godparent, one must be a confirmed, practicing Catholic. Godparents from other parishes must receive a Sponsor's Letter from their parish priest. One Non-Catholic Christian is permitted to serve as a witness, provided they are not a former Catholic.

Call or email the parish office at (860) 526-5495 or email to make arrangements. The parish secretary will gather the proper information about the baptism. Attach Baptismal form

The Sacrament of Holy Eucharist is celebrated daily at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. If you cannot get to church to attend Mass, contact the Rectory to arrange a home visit. For First Communion for a child, contact who Joyce Leach our Director of Religious Ediucation (DRE) at (860) 767-2705 or by e-mail at

The sacrament of confession is available on Tuesday and Thursday before 8:30am Mass and Saturday from 3:15 -3:45pm or by scheduling an appointment through the parish office at (860) 526-5495.

Confirmation classes are held for high school students preparing to make the sacrament of Confirmation. The program includes activities such as retreats, and community service projects. For more information contact the DRE Joyce Leach at (860) 767-2705 or by e-mail at

Assist an adult in his/her preparation for baptism or first communion and confirmation in the Catholic faith. Classes are held Sunday evenings at 7:00pm at St. Joseph’s in Chester. For more information please contact Dennis Costell at (860) 526-2152 or by e-mail at

Please contact the parish office at least six months prior to your desired wedding date to discuss parish guidelines and regulations for planning your wedding.  Make an appointment with the pastor. To enhance the meaning of this Sacrament for you, it is necessary that you and your future spouse are properly prepared according to the Diocese of Norwich guidelines and the policies of St. Joseph's Parish. Click here for the St Joseph Parish Marriage Kit.

If you would like to be married at St. Josephs church and you are not a parishioner your Pastor will need to complete your marriage preparation, requisite documentation, pre-marital inventory and necessary.  In order to reserve a wedding date please provide a letter from your Pastor agreeing to the above requirements and giving his permission for you to be married outside of your parish.  

Once we have received the letter you can fill out the marriage form on our website ( and we will confirm the date on the church calendar.

Sacrament of the Sick
If you or a family member need anointing of the sick, please contact the parish office at 860-526-5495 or by e-mail at